Each airline have specific guiding rule for tickets across cabins. Some tickets
are flexible, while some are not. Refunds are permitted on some class of tickets;
some have zero value once the outbound segment has been flown, while some
are non-refundable once issued.
Egypt Air does not travel one-way except for passengers traveling to their
country of origin and Egyptian nationals. Turkish Airlines also does not permit
one-way travel except for holders of residence permit in the country of
Fares are not fixed as they are real time online and quoted at the ruling daily
exchange rate.
Bookings are normally valid for 48hours, but this does not apply for travel date
less than seven days from booking date.
While insurance is optional, it is advisable that clients get adequate travel
insurance cover against instances such as illness, accidents, cancellation as a
result of illness or injury, loss of or damage to baggage. Insurance can be gotten
through TravelOrbit or directly through an insurance company of your own
choosing. In the event that the insurance company dispute liability for any
reason, it will be taken up with the insurance company directly.
Flight changes/amendment in whatever form (date or time) and ticket
cancellations where permitted attracts penalty charges as stipulated by each
Tickets and vouchers will only be issued/amended/processed and sent to client
once complete payment has been made and confirmed.
TravelOrbit only assist with tourist visa procurement and as such, flight booking
and hotel reservation must be made with TravelOrbit.
Hotel rates are inclusive of accommodation and breakfast where applicable,
extra charges incurred is at clients’ expense.
TravelOrbit will not be held liable in the event that a request or inquiry is not
received due to server, network or any technological breakdown.
There are links and adverts to other websites. TravelOrbit is does not give
guarantee, warranty or any form of endorsement to such links and websites and
will not be held liable in the event of loss or damage arising from the use of
such links and adverts.
TravelOrbit will offer professional advice on clients’ destination(s) based on
information available, and will not be held liable in the event of losses or
damages that may result from traveling to any destination.
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Terms and Conditions may be modified, deleted or changed in the future by
TravelOrbit Limited if the need arise without prior notice.