TRAVELORBIT is your one-stop travel shop for all your travel needs from
flight booking, hotel booking/reservation, airport pickups & drop-off, visa
procurement assistance, travel insurance, holiday packages, corporate travel and
general travel consultancy locally and around the world.
TravelOrbit boasts of exceptional travel experts in the industry who came
together in March 2013 to provide quality and affordable travel products with a
personalized touch.
Our colours are , GREEN and RED. Blue stands for BLUE the planet earth and
vast sea and ocean which temporarily serve as home whenever the airplane is
airborne. It also stands for peace, calm and tranquillity which are the hallmark
of our service to you. Green stands for the planet earth which is our home and
where our travel activities take place. It also stands for health, fertility, spring
and renewal, which we hope each travel experience brings you. Red stands for
the energy, excitement, passion, speed and desire which are the qualities we
invest in every single travel request and inquiry received.
We aim to offer personalized and customized service by been available 24/7 to
attend to requests, inquiries and complaints in timely manner and at an amazing
fares & rates.
To make travel simple and affordable.