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Apply for Reach Oxford Scholarships for International Students

Apply for Reach Oxford Scholarships for International Students

Reach Oxford Scholarships (Oxford Student Scholarships) are scholarships for international students that are given to students who come from low-income and developing countries and are deserving of the opportunity to receive a scholarship. These students are unable to study for a degree at their home country’s national institution due to financial or political constraints or the poor quality of educational facilities. For information on the scholarship program, students who are interested in studying abroad should read to the end of this article.

The applicant must be a citizen of a nation that receives official development assistance from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC). Undergraduate students who are interested in qualitative education are eligible to apply for the offer.

Important Remark: It should be noted by students that in order to be considered for a Reach Oxford Scholarship, they must first apply for admission to the university. Scholarship applications from students who have not been accepted to Oxford cannot be considered by the institution. For applicants to determine their eligibility, the university encourages them to read the following information.

Reach Application Information for the Oxford Scholarship Sponsor(s): Type of University of Oxford Scholarship: Host Institution(s) with Full Funding: Worth of a University of Oxford Scholarship: Benefits of scholarships are listed below. Awards: Several levels of study: Nationality of the undergraduate: Eligibility for the Oxford Scholarship for International Students: Who May Apply?
The following requirements must be met by applicants in order to be considered for the Reach Oxford Scholarships 2023:

You must have been accepted into one of Oxford University’s undergraduate programs. You must also have great leadership skills and outstanding academic performance.

After completing their studies, applicants should be prepared to return to their home nation.

Priority will be given to applicants who have never studied at the undergraduate level before.

Countries that are eligible to apply for a Reach Oxford Scholarship:
Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Angola; Barbados and Antigua; Argentina; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Belarus; Belize; Benin; Bhutan; Bolivia; Herzegovina and Bosnia; Botswana; Brazil; Burkina Faso Burundi; Cambodia; Cameroon; Cape Verde Rep. of Central Africa; Chad; China; Colombia; Comoros; Dem. Congo Rep.; Rep. of Congo; Islands of Cook; Costa Rica Ivory Coast; Cuba; Djibouti; Dominica; Republic of Dominica; Ecuador; Egypt; Salvador, El Guinea equatoriale; Eritrea; Eswatini; Ethiopia; Fiji; Gabon; Gambia; Georgia; Ghana; Grenada; Guatemala; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Haiti;

Honduras; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq; Jamaica; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kiribati; Dem. Korea Rep. of People; Kosovo; Rep. of Kyrgyzstan; Laos; Lebanon; Lesotho; Liberia; Libya; Madagascar; Malawi; Malaysia; Maldives; Mali; Marshall Islands; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mexico; The Federated States of Micronesia; Moldova; Mongolia; Montenegro; Montserrat; Morocco; Mozambique; Myanmar; Namibia; Nauru; Nepal; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Niue; North Macedonia; Pakistan; Palau;

Panama; New Guinea Papua Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Rwanda; St. Helena; Samoa; S. Tomé-et-Principe; Senegal; Serbia; Sierra Leone Islands of Solomon; Somalia; Africa, South; Sudan, South; , Sri Lanka; Isle of Man; Virgil and the Grenadines; Sudan; Suriname; Syria; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Togo; Tokelau; Tonga; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Tuvalu; Uganda; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu; Venezuela; Vietnam; Marshall Islands; Gaza Strip and West Bank; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe.

Other Important Information Regarding Scholarship Applicants: The scholarship lasts three or four years, depending on the program of study.

It should be noted by applicants that not every college is able to offer Reach Oxford Scholarships annually. Therefore, you can still apply for a scholarship and receive one even if a college offers you admission that is not part of the program. Transfer arrangements will be made between colleges if your application is accepted.

It will be expected of applicants to submit an annual report detailing their achievements at the University as well as their social and academic activities.

The subsequent years’ award is contingent on satisfactory academic progress.

The University does not have any additional funding for candidates who are not offered a scholarship, so applicants should be aware of this fact.

Other Requirements for Scholarships Candidates who have been offered admission and who possess the highest level of academic ability are the only ones eligible for this program. Monetary need, social responsibility and absence of capacity to read up for a degree in their own nation are likewise significant models for determination. Candidates should intend to return to their home country after graduation. Students who have never studied at the undergraduate level will receive priority.

Benefits of the Reach Oxford Scholarship Course fees Grant for living expenses One annual return flight How to Apply for the Reach Oxford Scholarship – Application Process How to Apply: By October 15, 2022, interested applicants must submit a UCAS application to the University of Oxford for an undergraduate course and be accepted.

The Undergraduate scholarships application form must be completed by the application deadline by applicants who have been granted admission to an undergraduate course at the University of Oxford (if the link does not work, check back for an update).

Deadline for applications: ninth February 2023

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