Is Samsung Pay accepted at Burger King? [MOVED TO 2023]

Is Samsung Pay accepted at Burger King? [MOVED TO 2023]

If you are a regular customer of Burger King and recently learned about Samsung Pay, you would be interested in learning if your favorite burger joint accepts Samsung Pay. You will find information about Burger King and whether Samsung Pay is accepted at the establishment in this article.

Yes. Samsung Pay is accepted at Burger King. Since Burger King recently implemented contactless payment, you can use your Samsung Pay account to make payments at Burger King restaurants across the United States. However, I discovered that Samsung Pay is not accepted at all Burger King locations.

A few customers were unhappy that Burger King restaurants in their areas did not accept Samsung Pay. Not every Burger King location in the United States accepts Samsung Pay, despite the fact that the restaurant has made contactless payment options available to its customers and stores.

To ensure that your local Burger King accepts Samsung Pay, you will need to check with them. It’s important to know about other Burger King payment options if Samsung Pay isn’t accepted at a location near you. I’ve highlighted a few of the Burger King payment options that customers can choose from.

Which methods of payment does Burger King accept?
In addition to Samsung Pay, the following Burger King payment options are available to you:

Debit and credit cards issued by AMEX, Discover, VISA, MasterCard, and other well-known US card issuers Burger King gift cards Crown Cards Cash Venmo PayPal Keep in mind that you can only use Venmo and PayPal when placing an order through the Burger King app. It is essential to know how to use Samsung Pay to pay for your Burger King orders if the nearby Burger King accepts Samsung Pay.

How to Use Samsung Pay at Burger King After placing your order, inform the cashier that you will be using Samsung Pay to make your payment and to prepare the payment reader. To use Samsung Pay at Burger King, follow the steps below once the reader is prepared:

On your phone, open Samsung Pay.
Select the card of your choice by clicking the Pay tab.
After clicking Pay once more, select the security option you want. Fingerprints or a PIN).
Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner on your phone or enter the required information.
To finish your purchase, hold the back of the phone over the contactless reader. Does Burger King accept Apple Pay?
It is safe to say that Apple Pay is not accepted at Burger King. Yes, it was reported that the Burger King app supported Apple Pay, but that operation has since been halted. Sadly, customers who would like to use Apple Pay at the hamburger shop are unable to do so. This is because Apple Pay is not accepted in the store. At Burger King, cash is always a welcome option. You can also pay with any of the other payment options the store offers.

Despite claims that Burger King accepts Apple payments, no official announcement has yet been made to back up these claims. Please comment if you paid for your order at Burger King in-store, online, or through the drive-thru.

Is Google Pay accepted at Burger King?
While some have denied burger Ruler’s contribution with Google Pay, the organization has declared a combination with Google Pay. Customers can place orders and have them delivered to them by using the Google Pay app. On the Google Pay app, all you need to do is search for Burger King. Additionally, you can get 20% cashback on your subsequent Burger King order of $10 or more. When placing orders in-store, online, or through the app, be sure to use an eligible card.

Is GCash accepted at Burger King?
Yes, GCash is accepted at Burger King. Burger King accepts the GCash app, which has gained widespread acceptance as a mobile payment method.

Is Paytm accepted at Burger King?
Burger King accepts Paytm as a payment option. Paytm is accepted at the American hamburger store, so anyone who wishes to use it is free to do so. You can use the Burger King app or website to pay with Paytm at the restaurant. This method of payment also earns you cash back.

Is EBT accepted at Burger King?
Burger King does accept EBT cards; however, only a select few locations do so. Depending on the state in which you live, you may be able to purchase approved food items from Burger King if you are a SNAP beneficiary. Your EBT cards can be used in-store and at the drive-thru.

Do you accept electronic payments at Burger King?
Yes. Electronic payments are accepted at Burger King. Customers are also able to place orders and make payments through the store’s branded mobile app. Packages of coupons and rewards are added to the Burger King app. Both Android and iPhone users can download the app.

Do QR codes exist in the Burger King app?
Yes. There are QR codes in the Burger King app. Utilizing the Burger King app from your bill, scan the QR Code to collect Crowns.

How can I use my Burger King promo code?
Visit “My Code” on the app or website and select “Add Reward and Offer” to redeem your reward. Additionally, you can use mobile orders or in-restaurant orders to redeem your rewards at participating restaurants.

Is the Burger King app available for ordering?
Ordering from the Burger King app is possible, yes. Customers can now order from a select number of locations thanks to the BK app. Order from the Burger King app to avoid waiting in line. To place your order, simply follow the simple prompt.

On the Burger King mobile app, can I use a gift card to pay?
Yes. At participating Burger King restaurants, you can pay with gift cards. The balance of your gift card will be applied to your authorized purchase when you present it to the cashier.

Is Burger King required to pay in cash?
The majority of Burger King locations do not accept checks. The select few that do accept only Samsung Pay. It’s possible that you won’t be able to use Apple Pay or Google Pay at these locations. Cash, credit/debit cards, Burger King gift cards, and Crown cards are the guaranteed ways to pay at Burger King.

Can Burger King accept Google Pay?
Yes. According to a report published by, customers of Burger King might be able to locate the restaurant, place an order, and pay for their food by utilizing Google Pay and Maps. Burger King restaurants may not accept the contactless payment method of Google Pay.

Is Burger King Accepting PayPal?
Yes. Burger King offers PayPal payment options. When placing an online order at Burger King, PayPal is accepted as a method of payment. Additionally, since Burger King accepts card payments, you can use your PayPal debit card to pay at any of the restaurant’s nationwide locations.

Final Thoughts on Does Burger King Accept Samsung Pay? Most of the time, Burger King accepts credit and debit cards, gift cards, Crown cards, and cash. Samsung Pay is accepted at a small number of its stores in the United States, and it has recently begun to shift its focus toward mobile payments. However, the scope of coverage is limited. To make sure that your local Burger King accepts Samsung Pay, you’ll need to check with them. Otherwise, you’d have to stick with the other ways to pay for Burger King.

I have written a comprehensive guide to help you set up your Samsung Pay account if you have not already done so. To read it, click the link below:

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